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A Law Enforcement Product & Solutions company in California

" The major impediments in working with an engineering team in a distant land are serious and daunting. I have heard numerous first-hand stories of companies employing engineering teams in India and, despite seeing good early results, ultimately having to abandon the work done there and return to in-house engineering by force of the insurmountable misunderstandings and difficulties encountered in raising the final output to the level actually required. We entered into our work with Synoverge with just those concerns, having been burned by previous work with a different company there. Early on it was clear that Synoverge understood much better our needs and requirements to a degree which the other company had proven unable to grasp. Then—and more importantly—as we progressed and the inevitable misunderstandings and cultural differences became evident in the results, our communications on the matter were responded to with vigorous corrections, with true commitment to delivering what we required, rather than the dismissal they were met with in the prior experience. The team truly wished to understand and learn what we were communicating, rather than hiding behind a pre-existing cultural bias of “good enough” which was not on par with the reality of our business needs. Our team at Synoverge is delivering the work that we need to be successful at a fair price and with excellent, timely communication. We are delighted to be working with them and recommend their services highly. "

A Leading community driven Promotions Company in Australia

" It is always a challenge for a business when there are budget constraints and start looking at offshoring for your business which is driven by technology. We needed someone who could understand our goals, culture and challenges we faced in the Australian market. Basically we did not need a company to work on our software but we needed a partner and that too at the right price. We entered in joint partnership with Synoverge in 2011. Synoverge understood us, our product, our concerns and our vision of where we wanted to get to. They worked with us as a partner, going through tough deadlines, code revisions and supported us through thick and thin. Delivery and communication was spot on. Needless to say the relationship we built is still going strong in 2014 after 3 years. "

Construction Materials Division of a Japanese Conglomerate

" I appreciate that Synoverge Consultant and SME’s knowledge and insights helped in identifying the project risks at early stages, because of which we were able to come till the verge of go-live. Synoverge Consultant voluntarily comes up with appropriate suggestions on our implementation strategy which I like the most. There are some changes in implementation plan on our side but he is supporting it in flexible manner. "

A UK-based Cloud Solutions company

" We've had great experience working with Synoverge in building a Windows Azure-based cloud service. From the management team to the solution delivery teams they have demonstrated time and again that they have the expertise/commitment for providing quality IT services that follows industry best practices-it’s in their DNA. We look forward to a long term partnership with Synoverge because it simply makes good business sense. "

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